Cairns car detailers is a locally owned and operated detailing company that understands what local consumers in Earlville, Kanimbla, Manoora or surrounding areas want. Whether at home or on your business premise we’ll come back time after time to make sure it looks as good inside-and out!

Don’t risk your vehicle by trusting a random guy on the car wash you found while driving down highways and side streets. You deserve to feel safe knowing that we are professional, certified detailers who can provide reliable service with any make or model of car imaginable!

Get the one-of-a kind car service you deserve. From our Personalized services and high end products, we make sure that every vehicle or motorcycle gets just what they need to be in tip top shape!

We know how important your time is so come down today for all those special details that will leave us exceeding expectations while delivering on quality workmanship with competitive pricing too.

We want to make your car look good, feel awesome and help it run better. You deserve only the best service from us.

Our mission is to provide premium detailing services at the right time while exceeding your expectations. We’ve been in business for over ten years and our long-serving technicians, who are car enthusiasts themselves, know what you expect!

Are you looking for a top-rated car auto detailer in Cairns? We can help. Need some work done on your car, truck or van? Our team has years of experience and will get the job done right! Call us today at 07 42299305

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What services do you need?


What does a Cairns car detailer do? We are here to give your ride that professional makeover. Our team provides services such as:

General Detailing

Car detailing Cairns is a great way to keep your car looking like new. Advanced tools and specialized products will be used for thorough cleaning of all interior parts as well as exterior surfaces, preventing any negative effects from dirt or grime buildup that can occur in this type of vehicle environment. It not only cleans the exterior, but also corrects and protects it with minor repairs to keep things running smoothly.

man cleaning the gear shift cairns

Cut & Polish

We are proud professionals who know how to care for your car. We understand that scratches and marks aren’t something a lot of people want on their vehicle, so if you need it removed then let us help with our high-quality Cairns detailing service. Vehicle accidents are unpleasant for drivers and owners alike, but fear not! A professional paint correction can help remove all traces of an accident.

4WD Car Detailing

A vehicle that’s no joke about handling hazardous driving conditions deserves an exceptional detailing. Off-roaders are constantly negotiating the rough terrain, which can cause their cars to pick up all sorts of dirt. Professional car cleaning in Cairns and detailing will help eliminate mud, sand as well as insects stuck inside your vehicle due its tough conditions outdoors.

Paint Protection

There are many people who don’t know how to maintain the showroom look of their homes. They simply cannot allocate premium time, money or effort on a weekend because they have too much going on during these days with demanding responsibilities as well. Thanks to Cairns’s car paint protection, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will stay looking newer for longer.


We offer a wide variety of services to help get your desired outcome – whether it’s just general clean from the day-to-day, or something more detailed like prepping for an event. Get in touch with us today!


Your vehicle needs this service to get back on track and look good doing it. With a fresh coat of wax, you can show off that sleek exterior with ease! You’ll be more confident when driving around town in no time at all–whether its for business or personal reasons.

We are the go-to company for professional vehicle detailing in Cairns. We work hard to provide you with an incredible experience, one that makes your car look like new and ensures its safety while we’re at it.

We’ve got a one-of-a kind car detailing service in Cairns that is so good, you’ll want to come back again and again!


Why wait? This treatment will permanently restore the original paintwork to detail. Whether your vehicle has weathered, daily usage or effects from repair and maintenance – if you’re looking for a way that can make it as good on day one as new then this is just what you need.

You might be weighing between car paint corrections and the negative impact on vehicle rusting. Well, it depends on your goals but we recommend a protection treatment if you don’t want to accelerate its tarnishing or risk losing resale value by accelerating corrosion. If this is something that concerns you then consider applying waxes coatings/sealants before these corrective actions in order for them to have their full effect while also giving increased benefits such as shine and durability over time.

Come to our Cairns car wash and detailing for exceptional attention. The steps we use surpass those used by most detailers in the industry, making your vehicle look excellent on all levels.


A 4WD is the perfect vehicle for travelling to beautiful places. However, driving in a poorly maintained one can be quite challenging and disappointing- especially if you are expecting high standards of comfort from it! A professional detailing will not only save money spent on repairs but also gives your car an accessibility boost that makes all those hours behind steering worthwhile.

The 4WD trucks are great for getting you back on the road and we can help with that. Our services will save time in comparison to other companies, because not only do they understand how your vehicle works but also have experience working on them as well!

Your 4WD is the perfect vehicle for all sorts of adventures. Why not take advantage? Our car detailing services will have it looking like new again and ready to roll!


The best way to keep your car looking beautiful is with paint protection. Your vehicle may be exposed to all sorts of things on the road, but it doesn’t have too much exposure if you use this service! If you are looking to maintain that new car look, then paint protection is an absolute must. The professionals at Paint Protection will keep your vehicle in mint condition with their expert services and products!

Get the best quality car detailing from Cairns. Whether it’s for your four-wheeled steered auto or another type, our team gives you high-end paint protection products that will never let go until durability is guaranteed!

Get the recognition you deserve! Be behind the wheels of a vehicle that can stand up against several damages, whether on road or parking lot. Call us today 07 42299305.


Our team of experts know how to give your car the best possible treatment. With every service, you’ll be imagining yourself behind the wheel and looking forward to starting up.

Your car is one of the first impressions that you make on people and it should be spotless. You can count on us for professional car detailing in Cairns, no matter when or where!

We don’t want you to schedule a car cleaning for a whole day elsewhere when we can come right into your premises and spend just two hours detailing the exterior. Our state-of -the art services assure an excellent vehicle performance that will last long after customers receive their vehicles back in pristine condition.

Cairns car wash and detailing like no other: We’re licensed, insured to protect your property from damage as well as guarantee safety at a reasonable price. Call now if you want the peace of mind that comes with booking services online!